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High quality products with the best international level

To achieve that, Younesteel utilizes first class solid boards, from the best international factories, which are pioneers in solid board industry. These boards are formed in moulds, by using the most modern international and Technical means through artistic and skillful hands.

The factory is proud of its long lasting production, as, intensive care and extra attention is given by the factory in the last finishing stage. Younesteel products are from rust-proof solid gather between excellent quality and high Taste.

Younesteel products are from, with the material specifications, stainless steel AISI type 304 BA finished.

Its new designs add a modern atmosphere to the kitchen.. There are many designs which satisfy all needs and tastes.. We are waiting for the choice that is suitable for you.. Rust – proof Younesteel products from solid, are practical and easy to clean. The clean dish requires a clean sink, Younesteel products from rust-proof solid deserve to be seen.